June 11, 2019

SWC School Council Minutes

June 11, 2019

Members Attending: Margaret Sambol, Fiona Warren, Carolyn Berezowsky, Cara Baas, Amanda Lancaster, Pam Woolridge, Jenn O’Reilly, Naomi Elias, Harinder Batth, Rebecca Johnston, Philip Mansfield, Wendy Mansfield, Jillian Ade-Sibbitt, Katherine Percival, Olga Blais, T-C D’Agostino

Guests Attending: Cindy Chan

Staff attending: Wanda Mills-Boone, Louise Cesario

Members sending regrets Leila, Jason

Meeting called to order: 5:35 PM

Welcome (Margaret):

  • Celebrating success: Thanks to council members for your work over the year! Thanks for making it out tonight. All money to be spent this year was allocated.

Motion: To approve the May council meeting minutes. Moved by Olga, seconded by Katherine. Motion passed

Principals Report (Wanda):

  • Thanks from staff for fridays staff appreciation lunch. It was greatly appreciated.
  • Jr student council is giving back 25% of their earnings to the food bank, over $500. Most funds were earned through popcorn sales.
  • The library is moving upstairs over the summer. There are lots of renos due to behavior class. The current library will be a nice integrated area in the fall. There is a classroom in the back of the school where the behavior kids will be going. Old tech room (EDP room) will be a Kinder room. 2 kinder rooms currently do not have bathrooms, universal washrooms and a storage unit are being put in.
  • Many field trips are coming up, please check your child’s backpack
    • Grade 4&5 split and Grade 2&3 split walk with Grandmother Francine, Grade 3 to Upper Canada Village
  • Fire drill went well. Staff and students were able to empty the building in a little over 2 minutes.
    • Staff try to do them on nice days.
    • The previous one was at the end of the day
  • Sports equipment has arrived. Balls etc. During the PA day, staff organized all equipment with words and pictures. Some will be in the gym, some will be upstairs.
  • Kids are enjoying changes to the yard. Pavement areas have been cleaned. 4square space is open to everyone. Basketball in the pit is open to grade 6’s.
  • Looking forward to fun night on Friday, hope it doesn't rain.
  • Margaret was able to come to kinder info night.
  • Looking forward to next year this year was great.
  • We are in the middle of staffing right now. There will be a new kinder teacher. SWC lost ESL portion a year ago, and gained it back for next year.
    • Kaily Pattison will be moving on to a job close to home.
    • LTO for Joice Mitchel Bain, Ms Crosby won’t be back.
    • Classes for next year: 6 kinders, 3 gr 1, ½ split, 2 twos ⅔ two 3’s, 4, ⅘, ⅚, 6

Discussion around split classes.

  • Parents are wondering if kids will be in a split class again if they were in a split class before.
    • Wanda: Maybe, the board has a contractual clause regarding how many split classes the board can have.
  • Parents ask what is the rationale for having a child in a split two years in a row?
    • Wanda: In grade 5, it can’t be helped. Sometimes it a child who does well with a certain child or teacher, lots of factors go into this decision.
  • Parents are concerned that kids in the two/three split had two months without French.
    • Wanda: We can’t predict if LTO will be happening again because of life, health, etc. The position has to be posted for a certain amount of time, we must interview for a certain amount of time… etc We try to do our best to get a French speaker.
  • Are there split classes in kindergarten?
    • Wanda:Yes, kinder is a two year program, so most students will stay together with the team they start with. English one day, French the next.
  • Does the new legislation affect classroom sizes?
    • Wanda: This year, we are not seeing huge changes within our K-6 school. We will have to see what happens as the process plays out.

Teachers Report (Louise):

  • Breana couldn't be here. Kinder staff thay thanks for the wagons and tarps, they will be put into good use. Kinder A&B are heading to General Burns park to assist in planting a butterfly garden, and will visit the Jack Pine Trail.
  • Grade 3’s are reviewing 3D figures and writing important poems about a nonfiction topic.

Treasurer’s Report (Cara):

  • Balance Sheet: We allocated all our money for this year. $294 left for council support
  • Income statement: $9600 was raised this year. This number does not include money that was raised specifically for the library.
    • Flipgive has raised $750, only a handful of people have been using it.
    • SWC is no longer using fundscrip.
  • 501 Legion did not cash their cheque council wrote them for the 2018 fun night. Council will cancel the cheque. This frees up a bit more money for allocation.
  • Kinder benches cost Naomi $134.82 more than budgeted to build to board standard. Naomi also spend $110.88 on supplies for the staff appreciation lunch.

Motion: To reallocate the remaining money in the council support fund and the uncashed 501 legion cheque from the year previous plus any money left over from pizza party to reimburse Naomi for the kinder learning circle and staff luncheon as per her receipts. Any remaining money from 2018-2019 will be spent on french books for the library Moved by Jill, Seconded by Cara. Motion passed.

Motion: To approve up to $200 to pay for food for the first meeting of the 2019-2020 school year. Moved by Fiona, Seconded by Amanda. Motion passed.

Motion: To authorize Carolyn to begin the pizza program in Sept. 2019.
Moved by Rebecca, seconded by Katherine. Motion passed.

Fundraising (Margaret):

  • Movie night: Katherine has agreed to run movie nights next year.
  • Pizza Program: Carolyn is still encouraging someone to take this over next year, as it will be her last year at the school.
    • There will be minor changes to pizza next year. Terms will be aligned with Milk terms. Next year pizza will stop two weeks before the end of June due to busy field trip schedule. 2019-20 pizza lunches will start Sept 17.
  • QSP: QSP has been discontinued across Canada, we can not do this next year. There could be a different fall fundraiser. Cookie dough was a big seller from QSP. It was possible to run this program while working full time.
  • Booster juice: This was popular. Council needs a volunteer to run this fundraiser.
  • Council could push Flipgive more during the fall.
  • Staff has indicated they would like an Indigo fundraiser.
  • Discussion surrounding parent involvement. It is decided that the best time to make a push is in September. Council could have a booth at the meet the teacher night. Also try to get parents to on the SWC facebook group so we can communicate with them over the summer.
  • First council meeting of the 2019-20 school year will be Thursday Sept. 12. It could be titled “Meet the Parent Council.
  • Meet the teacher night may be Sept. 19.

Draft spending Plan (Margaret):

  • The survey showed a fair amount of support for what council does. The main thing that stood out was that spending a little money on lots of things was appreciated. The lowest priority was spending on technology.
  • Percentages presented in the plan are open for discussion.
    • It is decided to make council support amount $1500 outside of the percentages. 5% for innovative support will be moved into student support. Library renewal will be removed from the examples of academic support. Where technology is mentioned it will be changed to makerspace/STEM.
  • Discussion about the importance of next year’s council to focus spending to benefit the whole school over one class. Also thinking about what council can do to encourage French.

Motion To pass the Spending Plan with changes as above, with the understanding that this is a guideline only. Moved by Margaret, seconded by Carolyn. Motion passes.

  • Discussion about a possible Work to rule next year and the impact on council and spending
    • Council’s role is to continue in our work. Come to council meetings for updates and to help our kids.
    • Discussion of the importance or not of council activities undermining teachers’ job action.

Fun Night (Jenn)

  • The slingshot, did not fit in TC’s van. A trailer or a truck is needed. Rebecca/Katherine will sort this out
  • Rain on friday, bouncy castles will not operate if it is raining. When the rain stops, they dry it off and reopen. We can cancel within 4 hours of our booking (in instance of thunder and lightning)
    • Jenn aimed to spend $5000, bouncy castle costs $1200.
  • Everything is going well, lots of toys, lots of books etc.
  • Friday during the day, Margaret, Cindy and Amanda are doing bracelet hand out. Other help is needed during the day, please come by and find Jenn. Come for an hour or for the day. You can even come after school

Motion: To release $750 of council funds to be used for the float for Fun Night.
Moved by Cara, seconded by Jenn. Movement passed.

Library Update (Naomi)

  • Mr Brandy has been culling lots of books and provided lots of books for the book sale. Hi is still excited about the move.
  • The library may not be ready for September, but allows us to have a grand opening and encourage the school community to come and see it. Naomi would like to see volunteer readers come in and also have someone in to talk to staff about how to use the library etc. over the next year.

Staff Luncheon Update ( Naomi)

This went well.

Other Business

  • Update on volunteer walking school bus (Wanda)
    • OSTA is working to make this happen. Julie walked the orange route, we are probably going to walk the orange route. The route will have a paid walker and will also need a volunteer; OSTA will take care of that. We will need to blitz the parents so they use the route, so that we don’t lose the route
  • Scott is willing to run a traffic initiative to help families doing drop off/pick up follow SWC traffic guidelines with the aim of improving student safety, as has been done in previous years. He will be looking for volunteers to help direct drivers on where to go.

Motion: Council will support the traffic initiative proposed by Scott. Moved by Rebecca, seconded by Pam. Motion passed.

  • Thank you Margaret for all of your time and effort during the year

Meeting adjourned 7:34

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