October 10, 2019

SWC Parent Council Minutes, October 10, 2019


Members attending: Margaret Sambol, Fiona Warren, Carolyn Berezowsky, Cara Baas, Amanda Lancaster, Pam Woolridge, Jenn O'Reilly, Naomi Elias, Rebecca Johnston, Philip Mansfield, Wendy Mansfield, Jillian Ade-Sibbitt, Katherine Percival, Olga Blais, Jason Hinek, Leila Chinaei


Guests Attending: Duygu Morewood, Scott Dawson, Cindy Chan, Emily Murphy, Karen Roberts, Diowa Touola, Tracy Cole


Staff Attending: Wanda Mills-Boone, Louise Cesario, Breanna Durnin


Members sending regrets:  Harinder Batth


Meeting called to Order: 5:38


Welcome (Margaret)

  • Please sign in.


Motion to approve the minutes from the September 2019 council meeting.  Moved by Fiona, seconded by Olga.  Motion passes.


Principal’s report (Wanda):

  • I walk to school was a success.  Slight increase in walkers that day.  Kids enjoyed their exercise.  
  • Terry Fox was great.  It rained and it gave kids an authentic feel.  
  • October is when classrooms change, down to 470ish students, many are moving  Mme Mitchell Bain was on LTO she has since retired.  Mr Felix was in this LTO position, teachers who have part of a contract are given first priority for application.  Mme Lozano is now in that position.  Mme Mclean has a full time kinder position now, Miss Woods is away on a new contract.  Kinder parents may be seeing different faces in the yard, filled with OTs for now.  Position closes next week and staff should be settled soon.
  • Retirements: Ms Beverly, office administrator will be retiring Oct. 31.  Mr Les (janitor)is also retiring at the end of Dec. Ruth Carpenter will be replacing Bev, and will start around Oct.  20.  Superintendent Mr.Wiley retired, superintendent Yorke-Slader is filling in until Dec.
  • Souheir (office administrator) is away for 6 weeks (surgery).
    • Naomi will collect money from parents/members of council who wish to contribute towards a gift for Beverly.
  • Photo day is Oct. 18.  Retakes are Nov. 20 
  • For kids with IEPs, those go home Oct. 15
  • Grade 3 EQAO results go home on Oct 15.  If you are interested in how SWC is doing, go to the EQAO website.  We have some work to do in Math, which is part of PD day tomorrow.
  • The library is stunning!  It is opening on Oct. 15.  Huge thanks to Naomi, Jenn and Daphne.  This would not be possible without them.  
  • The school website is a work in progress, but we have finally learned how to use the calendar.  Events will be on the calendar, for example x country.  
  • Media consent forms are in.  These are electronic forms at board level.  If you did not do it online, photocopies went home.  If you opt out of photographing your student, they can not be photographed for any reason.  SWC has a twitter account: SirWinstonChurchillPS @SWCOCDSB 
  • The caring crew are taking videos of kindness stories. 
  • PD day tomorrow.  In the morning staff will be taking the mandatory training “Commit to kids”.  The  Afternoon will be focused on School Learning Plan (SLP) training.
  • Construction in the school should be done by next week.  
  • SWC orders more tables than any other school in the board.  So 30 tables will be stored here and we no longer have to order them.

Teacher’s Report (Breanna & Louise):

  • Booked around the world dance workshop Tredanza. Dec 16-20.  There will be a show in the gym on Friday Dec. 20.
  • Mindfulness and Yoga funding is being used in kinder classes from Jan. to Mar. 2020. Little souls yoga will be running 15 min. sessions in each class every time they visit.
  • Fire trucks visiting Oct. 21 and Oct. 24.
  • Forest school runs for red and yellow kinder classes from Nov. 5-winter break.  
    • What is forest school?  Students can go play outside and experience nature.  Use sticks, leaves etc. to build their own adventure and guide their learning through that.
  • A librarian from Emerald plaza visits kinder classes shortly.
  • Grade 3-4 split is  working on writing media projects promoting Ottawa.  They will share their writing with kids across canada.  Materials will be shared on twitter.
  • Grade 1 has been looking at seasonal and daily changes in science.  Recently they examined shadows, made predictions etc.


Treasurer’s Report (Cara):

  • Pizza sales were over $8000 for term one. 
  •  Last year’s were $6000 for term one. We paid for Mr. Brandy’s desk and grade 6 cupcakes, which were both expenses from last year.
    •  $8000 is only term one pizza revenue, term 2 and 3 are separate.
    • Term one pizza revenue is an estimate, it reflects what we will spend, since it is a consistent amount from week to week.
  • Next month is our big spending month, we have a little over $12 000 to spend at our next meeting.  


Annual Report and Principal profile (Margaret)

  • There are two documents we are required to submit to the board. 
    • Annual report is a description of what we did last year.  Library, fundraising, community events, safety blitz, financial summary.  
    •  Principal profile: Bip class is added, describes our school, lists the things we are looking for in a principal.


Elections (Margaret):

  • Last year we brought in a constitution which lays out election  procedures, roles, description of voting members among other things.  
  • Anyone is invited to come to a parent council meeting.  Any parent is able to speak to an issue, but only 25 voting members are allowed to vote.  
  • We have an active council , but we set an upper limit on voting members  so that when members do not attend a meeting, we can still pass things, quorum is 50%  +1 .
  • It is not your last opportunity to become a voting member.  Keep coming to meetings.  If you attend 2 meetings in a row and if space is available, you can become a voting member later.  If you can not come regularly, please don’t become a member, but come when you can.
  • Other things to think about.  We think about how the whole school benefits when we want to spend money.  We are not here just to think of our own children.   
  • Chair, Margaret agrees to continue in this role
  • Vice Chair, Fiona continues in this role.  Note it is her last year at the school
    • This role is not much work, several meetings at the beginning of the year, check over the financial reports monthly, second signing authority for cheques, review documents.  Run meetings in Margaret’s absence.  
  • Treasurer,  Cara will continue in this role
  • Secretary: Amanda is not continuing in this role. Jill would like to rotate secretary with another member.  Jill can take notes for Nov.   Tim could share this duty.  Is there a laptop that can be used here in the school?  Margaret has a laptop people can use. 
  • Social Media Coordinator:  Pam is not continuing in this role.  Amanda will fill this role
  • Fundraising chair, Naomi will continue in this role
  • Harinder, mark, kelly submitted their desire to be a voting member electronically.


Motion to elect 2019/20 voting members and officers as listed:


Chair / voting member

Margaret Sambol

Vice-Chair / voting member

Fiona Warren

Treasurer / voting member

Cara Baas

Co-Secretary / voting member

Jillian Ade-Sibbitt


Tim Dietrich

Social Media lead / voting member

Amanda Lancaster

Fundraising Chair / voting member

Naomi Elias



Voting Member

Jenn O'Reilly

Voting Member

Carolyn Berezowsky

Voting Member

Pam Woolridge

Voting Member

Harinder Batth

Voting Member

Rebecca Johnston

Voting Member

Philip Mansfield

Voting Member

Wendy Mansfield

Voting Member

Katherine Percival

Voting Member

Olga Blais

Voting Member

Jason Hinek

Voting Member

Leila Chinaei

Voting Member

Kelly Manweiler

Voting Member

Mark Bylsma

Voting Member

Cindy Chan

Voting Member

Emily Murphy

Motion moved by Rebecca, seconded by Jenn.  Motion passes.


Motion to spend $1000 of funds raised  plus $500 given to parent council by OCDSB for parental involvement on council support (pizza and babysitting).   

  • Many years ago without food and babysitting there were few people coming out, so meetings moved to supper time, pizza was provided and council was successful.

Motion moved by Cara, seconded by Carolyn. Motion passes.


Fundraising Activities 2019/20 (Naomi)

  • Flipgive 
    • Please use it. There is an app available. 
    • Can we promote this at movie night?  Maybe but it is hard, emails have gone out.  We could create flyers or perhaps a poster at the food table.  Flip give gets pushed close to holidays.  
  • Pizza Tuesdays (Carolyn)
    • Pizza went smoothly, some technical difficulties with the payment system, but that is sorted out.  
    • Empty pizza volunteer spots on Oct. 29.  Carolyn will do it.  10:25-11:30
    • Profits have gone down since 2015?  We need to buy half pizzas now, before this was not the case.   Other pizza places make you sort pizzas, this is why council goes with Toppers.  Carolyn will look at costs.
  • Movie Night
    • Volunteers for Oct. 18 needed.  Movie showing is The Secret Life of Pets 2.  Doors open at 6, the movie starts at 6:30. The eco club is helping by standing at the recycling bin to encourage proper sorting.  Egg rolls,samosas pizza, popcorn will be sold.  Candy was bought in bulk and will be sold into compostable bowls or bowls customers bring from home (zero waste idea).


Motion: To reimburse Katherine up to $1200 to cover expenses (popcorn for the year, candy, juice etc.) for movie night, plus a float of $300 with expenses returned.

Moved by Naomi, seconded by Fiona, motion passes.


  • Discussion of grade 6 movie night/leaving ceremony 
    • Last year there was a committee of students who picked what they wanted to do (galaxy theme, movie) each family had a table or shared table, cupcakes and lemonade for all who attended.  Many families took their kids out of school for lunch.
    • Nov. movie night is for the 120 students in grades 4-6. The intention is to allow grade 6 students to take a leadership role. This is their opportunity to own an event. It is difficult to space movie night dates out due to scheduling limitations.
    • Wendy has reached out to Mr Binkly, the English teacher for grade 6, to link the event to the curriculum.  
    • The group that is leaving does a nice event, or a trip.  Last year they did an overnight at Macskimming.   
    • The autism class may be willing to do the popcorn.  Maybe a free raffle ticket could be offered if you show the  flip give app on your phone. 

Motion: To have profits from the Nov 22 movie night run by grade 6 students go to grade 6 students.  Moved by Philip, seconded by Naomi.  Motion passes.


  • Indigo Night
    • Tues. Nov. 19, from 5:30-8:30pm at the Pinecrest Indigo, some emails will go home soon.  Naomi and Jenn were talking at the staff meeting to compile book lists, collect names of clubs and classes to do performances etc.  The greatest success came from having Naomi’s dog at the event.
    • How does the night work?  Indigo gives us 15% of the total of any orders that go through the cash register that they say support SWC.  Staff did readings last year.  


Fun Night June 19 2020

  • Historically Fun Night has been the 2nd friday in june, but teachers requested a later date so they could finish report cards. 
  • If you are interested in getting involved, Margaret is interested in working with you.  
  • Margaret gets consensus from council to get in touch with inflatable company, and sign a contract with them for Fun Night.


Meet our Council (During Meet the Teacher night)

  • It was very successful. Julie handed out lots of maps.  
  • Council did get a volunteer who was interested in taking over coffee sales.


Library Update (Naomi)

  • Council put $1000 towards a desk for Mr. Brandy, the desk is still in progress.  Super colourful.  
  • Mr Brandy is open to new people in the library, art in the library, etc.  
  • Small tours of the library are available on movie night. Kids can start taking out books next week.  
  • Naomi and Jenn would like to get volunteers into the library, volunteers would need to get a police check .  Parents are allowed to volunteer in the school in a low risk activity.   Volunteers are currently coming in from 10am-12pm daily to see if this works for now.  We need to see if Mr Brandy would be willing to be more dependant on volunteers to shelve books, etc.  We want staff to use the library for more than just taking out books.  Could grade 5-6 be part of a library monitor club?  Maybe in the new year. 



  • The program is running in 6 kinder classes. 


Computer science project (Jason and Leila) , 

  • Showed a micro bit. It is a 5x5 LED grid.  It’s a real computer.  Kids in grade 3 will be using it next week.  This is an intro to computational thinking and technology. We will see how it goes, if it goes well, we would like to expand to grade 4 as well as grade 3 in the future.  This will be taking place on Thursdays 1x/month.  There are lots of accessories you can add. 
    • Is there anything Jason and Leila would like to add this year?
    • Carleton is paying for this, but if the school wanted to pay for a set to stay at school or add ons it would be welcome, perhaps in the future.
  • Mrs. Johnson went to a conference on this.  



Multicultural Night 

  • Wanda will pick a date in conjunction with staff.


Spending at November meeting:

  • If you have ideas, please bring them forward.


Fall Clean-up

  • Date is set for Saturday Oct. 26  at 10am.


Council training day

  • This is run by the board and is happening on  Nov. 9.  Subjects covered include finances, parenting and more.  Lunch provided. Margaret will send out the link to council.


Walking school bus, 

  • It is being used, would like a second route in the future, more families may join when the snow flies .
  • Walking school bus monitor doesn’t like the route as it has a lack of  sidewalks during the winter.  


Meeting adjourned at 7:33

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