March 11, 2021

SWC Parent Council (Virtual) Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2021


Wanda Mills-Boone, Louise Cesario

Voting members: Allison Peacocke, Karen Roberts, Jayson Shurgold, Margaret Sambol , Naomi Elias, Jill Ade-Sibbit, , Danielle Rodier, Crystal Try,

Regrets Amanda Lancaster, 

Non-voting attendees: Cara Baas, Christina Butler-Jones, Christina Harrison-Baird, Jason Hinek, Duygu Morewood, Joanne McAuley, H Baath, 

Meeting called to order: 6:31pm 

Minutes from February 2021  

Motion to approve minutes from February meeting. Moved by Jill, seconded by Allison. PASSED.

Principal’s Report (Wanda):

March break moved to April 12-16. This is one of the first times we’ve had St Patrick’s Day in class.  

Thank you to council: for all the items that are beginning to come in: Forest school material, new scoops and bones, new box for outside toys, new linking blocks. We have also received balls and equipment bags for each class.  Grades 1, 3, 4, 5 and kinders have booked Scientists in the School.  

We are already preparing for next year. Emails and phone calls went out to remind people to respond about whether or not they would be returning to SWC next year. About 75 families have yet to respond.  Another reminder is likely to go out.  Once we know who is coming back to SWC, it will be used for planning/staffing moving forward. There are still A LOT of unknowns for next year, but we are forging ahead!

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the pandemic. We are recognizing the losses and challenges faced by all the families. Thank you to all the families for their support in getting through.  Some changes have been good, but looking forward to getting back to normal.

Everyone looking forward to spring break. This week is going to be WET!! 

Toonie Tuesday total was around $800

Teachers report (Louise)

Spirit week next week because it should have been March break: polka dot day, beach day, green/St Patrick’s Day, dress-like-a-character day, PJ/stuffy day. 

Music lessons from Craig Cardiff; Mme Sierra booked virtual concert for grade 3s

Chris Chiddick (tornado hunter) will be doing a virtual presentation to grades 2, 3, 5 and BIP.

Treasurer’s Report (Allison)

Weird year continues.  Starting to get some direct donations. Got $240 in at the end of February, up to $660 in first few weeks of March. Overall down in fundraising. Still forecasting to spend about $14000.  $3400 remains un-committed. 

To be confirmed: who is purchasing Bluetooth speakers that we agreed to purchase. 

Parent involvement funds 

  • Discussion last month about translation of meeting minutes using parent involvement funds.  No updates.

  • Could we host a virtual family event?  Such as Virtual Little Ray’s reptiles? Virtual Little Ray’s will do private, behinds the scene tour of their facility, including seeing lots of animals.  $100. Allows 15 screens at base level. 

    • Would need to talk logistics with Little Rays about logistics; Alex and Joanne MacAuley in contact with them and will follow-up; can make decision via email if it needs to be decided before next meeting in May.

    • Could do multiple nights, possibly arranged by age group, will require sign-up/RSVP

Spending 2020/2021

Request for 3x headphones (up to $200): Request from BIP class for 3 pairs of headphones so that all kids have access to headphones. These are used quite a bit because kids do a lot of independent work. 

Motion to spend up to $200 on three sets of headphones for BIP class. Moved by Margaret, seconded by Naomi. PASSED.

Discussion about whether or not additional requests are expected? Not likely. 

Are all grades receiving council funds? To date, funds look well distributed, with slightly more to kinders, but they make up a disproportionate proportion of council. 

Is there need for more snack program items? Snack program is open to everyone. Jenn O’Reilly is doing all the prep.  It is available all day. It is being used by everybody. No questions asked.  

How is teacher morale? Wanda: it’s up and down… some weeks better than others.  There have been a number of absences. We are working on doing some fun things every few weeks. Huge box of treats around Christmas was great for moral. Permission was received from the superintendent to make mini staff spaces with a fridge. Wanda noted that going around and giving teacher coffee or tea made a huge impact!

 Fundraising activities 2020/21

  • FlipGive - $794 to date

  • Library: Two private donations were made towards book purchasing – nearly $1000! As a result, the $1000 allocated by council to the library is being used to increase the supply of French guided reading books. Private donations used to purchase books from Librairie de Soleil (who offered 20% off) and Chapters.  Full $2500 of scholastic credit was used for the English literacy program. 

  • Labels - $0 raised

  • Toppers has raised $402 from Cinni- minis

Looking Forward 

Has all ventilation work in the school been finished? Wanda: ventilation has been looked at, cleaned and repaired. Because of the age of the school all classrooms have an air purifier. There are guidelines around windows being opened. 

What will happen next year if more kids come back? Will class sizes go up?  This year’s requirement is for 1m between desks, facing in the same direction.  At SWC, most classrooms can comfortably fit 20, with all the peripherals (Bookshelves, etc) removed. Older grade classes can be larger than 20. Can squeeze in 25 to some. Not sure if anything will change next year in terms of guidelines in September.  Currently thinking about 430 or so students at SWC which fills up SWC!

Thanks from BIP and Autism classes

Council meeting in April cancelled - next meeting May

City money available for environmental projects. Contact Margaret if interested.

Traffic letter was posted on Facebook. Margaret will send to the counsellor Egli.  

Foodbank fundraiser in December brought in over $1000. Is there appetite to do this again? Should we wait until after Easter given there are a few other things going on right now?  Would also be a chance to emphasize that food is an ongoing need. For future discussion 

Scholastic Book Fair going on now. Teachers are sending info to families.  No shipping fees from Scholastic on Wednesday.   

Meeting adjourned: 7:55.

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