May 13, 2021

SWC Parent Council (Virtual) Meeting Minutes

May 13, 2021


Wanda Mills-Boone, Louise Cesario


Voting members: Allison Peacocke, Karen Roberts, Jayson Shurgold, Margaret Sambol, Naomi Elias, Jill Ade-Sibbit, Crystal Try,

Regrets Amanda Lancaster, Danielle Rodier

Missing: David Sibaye, Farhat Saqui, Idil Omar


Non-voting attendees: Duygu Morewood, Emamanuella Stimphat, Cara Baas


Meeting called to order 6:34

Minutes from March 2021 

Motion to approve minutes from March meeting. Moved by Allison, seconded by Naomi. PASSED.

Principal’s Report (Wanda):

Sending warm wishes to families celebrating Eid. OPH is continuing pop-up testing clinics.  Next one is Friday at three different locations. 

Ministry announced that parents have until June 1 to decide between virtual and in-person. OCDSB already solicited peoples’ responses, but has sent a follow-up email in the event that individuals want to change their decision. June 1 is the final deadline.  Not sure how this might change our numbers. Currently projected to have 400+ students back – 5 kinder classes. 

Messages indicate that we will begin next year with cohorting and similar guidelines to this year.  As time goes on, hopefully things lessen over the year. We have no idea what September will look like. Communication of any news will happen as soon as it is received.

$1400 in outdoor education funds were received. It often goes to field trips, but this year it was allowed to be used for equipment.  IT will be used to supplement the equipment bags supplied to each class earlier this year.

Autism classes (n=11 students) are at SWC currently. Wanda and Louise miss everyone else, but have been enjoying popping in and out of classes. 

HUGE thank you to parents!! Treats provided by council really made a difference getting through to April break.  Thanks for being close during online learning and supporting students.

Q: Is 400 students returning students? Kinders? Many kinder families returning after a year away, many virtual students returning too.

Q: Kinder info night? It will be virtual… sometime. Louise and Wanda working with the board to figure it out.

Teachers report (Louise)

Supply teacher at SWC for quite a while has been doing virtual teaching with SWC and other schools. She said she was really impressed with SWC students and how they are doing online.  Students’ level of engagement, enthusiasm and participation great!  Students have good Google Meet etiquette and offer help to her in explaining class routines. 


We have heard that students would like to have virtual recess again.  Looking in to setting this up again, hopefully next week!  Will be posted by teacher.


Treasurer’s Report (Allison)

Not much to report. From fundraising perspective, not much happening. Overall, just under $3700 net fundraising. Just shy of $3000 away from planned spending, but majority of this is from books and receipts are expected soon.  JoliJoli subscription will be carried through to September.  Bluetooth speakers still being researched.


Wanda: helmets that we purchased for BIP have been getting lots of use! A couple extras were purchased for staff who sometimes bike alongside.  Thank you!


Fundraising activities 2020/21

FlipGive update: over $900 YTD.

Direct donations


Toppers Pizza: Fundraiser with Cinni minis still running.


Update on purchases for the school/staff morale boost

Three packages delivered to teachers to help with morale boosting.  One more package has been put together, but still to be delivered: honey. Will work with Wanda to get it to the teachers, regardless of whether or not school goes back.


All products have been purchased. Final $1000 was spent for literacy.  Still awaiting some deliveries. Balance beams (n=4) were delivered to the school – one in BIP/autism and others with Kinders.  Autism/BIP classes still attending, and making good use of them


Update on Little Ray’s Reptiles, Scientists in the School


Litle Ray’s has run three times, one to go: 66 families and 89 children.  The limit was 75, so got good use of the sessions. There is still room in tomorrow’s Little Ray’s session. 

Scientists in the Schools: 55 families with 84 children.  Limit was 60 families, so close to full!  We had 90 kits to distribute. 


Looking Forward


Amanda Lancaster is ‘resigning’ as a voting member. This leaves us with 11 voting members. 6 is quorum.


Frank’s deli sandwiches for teachers: could be considered as an alternative to the teacher luncheon IF we go back to school. Custom sandwiches get made by the deli and delivered to the school. Will need to consider what we can do for teachers at the end of the year if we don’t return to in-person learning.  There are 60 staff. Ideas for $5-9/person.


Any Other Business

Food bank fundraiser: consider doing another food drive like in December where we post link to food bank website for people to donate.  Margaret will implement.


Meeting Adjourned:7:18

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