June 10, 2021

SWC Parent Council (Virtual) Meeting Minutes

June 10, 2021


Wanda Mills-Boone, Louise Cesario


Voting members: Allison Peacocke, Karen Roberts, Jayson Shurgold, Margaret Sambol, Naomi Elias, Jill Ade-Sibbit, Crystal Try, Danielle Rodier, David Sibaye

Missing:, Farhat Saqui, Idil Omar


Non-voting attendees: Duygu Morewood, Tracy Cole, Joanne McAuley, Jason Hinek

Meeting called to order 6:30

Minutes from May 2021 

Motion to approve minutes from May meeting. Moved by Naomi, seconded by Allison. PASSED.

Principal’s Report (Wanda):

Disappointment over schools not reopening… but the school has been SOOO hot the last few days that it was a bit of a blessing. Making plans for the end of the year, for any students who need to pick up items. Grade 6s will be able to come back to pick up certificates.

New custodian – Cathy. We are very happy to have her! Custodial staff have been busy painting and cleaning. The gym roof will be redone over the summer. Dividing wall in gym will be removed and replaced with a curtain. Stairwell close to gym will be removed and replaced with a stairwell that includes a lift. This will be helpful to carry resources and cleaning equipment, in addition to assisting students. New universal water fountains will be put in upstairs.  They include water bottle filling stations. All classes, offices and staff room have a filter unit that will be changed by facilities on a regular basis.

Report cards going out by the end of June. Will be going out differently than previous ones. Parents will now receive report card via email, originated from an email address with Sir Winston Churchill in the name.  Wanda will send out a message to ensure parents are looking at them. To access it, a student’s OEN (From a previous report card) will be required.  It will go out to all email addresses on record that indicate access to records is allowed.

We have started to plan for September, despite unknowns. Plan A’s, B’s and Cs. There will be some shifts in staffing.  Still waiting on final staff lists. There will be some combined grades. August always brings a bunch of new registrations. Anticipating 5 kinder classes (6 two years ago, 4 this year).  There are a fair number of families that opted to keep their kinder children home this year and they may come back in August. Louise and Wanda both staying at SWC next year.

De-streaming:  The board is working on de-streaming grade 9 math.  Impacts of this are reaching down to lower grades. Goal is to zero in on all different types of learners.

HUGE thanks to parents for helping through the pandemic.  All support was very much appreciated!  Picking up kids promptly when sick, getting them tested and supporting online learning are among the few things parents have been hugely helpful with!

Q: Will staff be fully immunized before classes resume? Currently being vaccinated is a choice. Some staff were able to get vaccinated early.  Some are already getting second doses, but unknown if staff will be.

Teachers report (Louise)

‘Love to Groove’ has been happening in some classes to encourage movement.  Very engaging instructors!  Wanda and Louise are seeing a lot of great things in the classrooms.  Louise wants to thank the parents of SWC for supporting students and staff.


Treasurer’s Report (Allison)

Spending has all been to plan!  A few remaining items that were approved, but never got out the door because of transition to online are still outstanding.  Two items: helmets and Bluetooth speakers, have arrived so receipts forthcoming.


Fundraising activities 2020/21 (Naomi)

FlipGive update: Over $900

Toppers Pizza: Fundraiser with Cinni minis still running:.over $400!

Direct donations: $820

Labels: $0



Looking Forward

Thank-you for staff in lieu of luncheon?  Consider using un-gifted morale booster honey, along with a hand written card. Include custodians. Volunteers to write cards: Allison, Naomi, Margaret, Jayson. Margaret will coordinate. 


Any Other Business

Food bank fundraiser: Posted on Facebook. Already $325 donations. Email to be circulated. 

Council Meetings for 2021-2022: Second Thursday of September is the first day of school. Bump first meeting to September 16, 2021 and then resume schedule of the second Thursday of the month. 


Next year… Community use of schools request goes in June 18. Movie nights are likely not going to go ahead given anticipated distancing rules. But easier to book early and NOT use than try to schedule.  Proposed three dates for movie nights (Nov 26, Jan 28, Apr 22), one night for multicultural night (May 5) and one night for fun night (Jun 2). Other ideas: outdoor movie night? Partner with a drive-in to do a fundraiser? Create cookbook after multicultural night!


No school photos this year. L We have already booked for next year.


Still working to decide what grade 6s will be doing to leave as their ‘legacy’.  Lots of nice and clean, freshly painted walls to rethink what we do going forward.


Report on policing that went to Committee of the Whole this week.  It was circulated to council.


Meeting Adjourned:7:40

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