September 15, 2021

SWC Parent Council (Virtual) Meeting Minutes

September 15, 2021


Wanda Mills-Boone, Louise Cesario


2020/2021 Voting members: Allison Peacocke, Karen Roberts, Jayson Shurgold, Margaret Sambol, Jill Ade-Sibbitt, Danielle Rodier, Naomi Elias,

Missing:, Farhat Saqui, Idil Omar, David Sibaye

Regrets: Crystal Try


Non-voting attendees: Duygu Morewood, Tracy Cole, Joanne McAuley, Alex McAuley Jason Hinek, Michelle Jardine, Phil Mansfield, Wendy Mansfield, Amanda Lancaster, Soha Awadalla, Gaelyn Eyre, Mike He, Elise Merrill, Olga Blais, Hiba Haj, Baljit Bhatti, George Chernov, Rachel Talbot, Andrew Sobrian, Hilary Seddon, Yapmiel Yerckison


Meeting called to order 6:30

Principal’s Report (Wanda):

We are very excited to be back at SWC with all our students. At present we have 421 students across all our grades. We are back to 5 kinder classes, 2 autism class, our Behaviour Intervention class,  3 grade 1’s, ½, 2 grade 2’s, ⅔, 2 grade 3’s, 2 grade 4’s, a grade 5, & 6. We continue to have registrations and most of our 23 classes are at cap. 


We are looking forward to a great year even though we must continue to follow safety procedures and social distancing. Our students continue to do very well with the guidelines and our educators are learning more and more creative ways to deliver the curriculum that meet the needs of all our students. 


We have recently heard that we can begin using our play structure using our cohorts. Next week this will become a zone that will be incorporated in the recess schedule. Although we are not yet able to have children go through the library and choose books we are working on a bin system. Each class will receive a bin from the library and children can choose books to have at their desk for the week.  We have also had the go ahead for our snack program. More info will be coming out to parents soon.


We have had some changes in staffing this year. Madame Patrice has joined us in kinder E, Ms. McKennirey grade 1, Ms. Lighter in grade 3,5,1, M. Sid will be joining us on Sept 22nd in the ⅔ class. 


Verification letters will be coming home this weekend. Please ensure that you go through it carefully for any changes and that individuals who can pick up your children are identified.


Terry Fox is coming up soon. Next week, grades 1-6 will be having a presentation by Terry’s brother and on Oct 6th or 7th pending weather, our students will be walking/running the track. As we can not collect money at school a school cash online will be set up so families can donate to the Terry Fox Foundation or they can donate directly online.


Sept 30th is National Day for Truth and Reconciliation: we look forward to educating our students about, and recognizing, this new important day of significance. Our teachers will be engaging in many activities that have been planned by our Indigenious Education and Learning team. Staff and students are encouraged to wear Orange shirts on that day.


We would like to thank our parents for supporting us in the great start to the year, using the Kiss & Ride and following the many routines that help support students entering and exiting the school safely. 


We look forward to a wonderful year together.


Q: What are the cleaning protocols? We’ve heard the bathrooms have been a bit messy: Custodians are doing their best. Boys bathrooms have been a particular issue because the urinals are so heavily (and often messily) used. In addition, the kids are using LOTS of soap, which is making a bit of a mess. Despite the apparent mess, the bathrooms are being cleaned a lot.


Q: Will there be an opportunity for a virtual meet the teacher event? It’s very hard to not know anything about your child’s teacher.: Yes. More to come on this!  We are rolling things out one thing at a time… Teachers will likely set up virtual (5-10 minute) meetings.  We have not yet received guidelines from the board.  If you feel that you need to touch base with your teacher before such a time, do let the teacher know and request it.

Q: Daily screening… Told we need to complete daily screening in which a name needs to be submitted… is this mandatory for all grades? Why mandatory now and not before?:  Parents should screen their child every day, but Ministry has put this tracking in place to raise greater awareness about process.  This is hopefully just for the first few weeks to ensure screening is being done. Schools can do this tracking in any way that works for the class.  Many teachers will put out a Google form.  Teachers likely won’t have time to do follow-up, so the office will have to do follow-up with families NOT noting that they have done the screening.


Q: Class sizes?:  Kinders are 24/25; grades 1-3 are capped at 20, can go to 23, but all are at 20; grade 3s are at 16, Juniors are hovering around 24 (board average is 24.5).  Classrooms are not huge. Last year we had to distance between desks, but that is not the case this year, however distance is being maintained wherever possible.

Minutes from June 2021 

Motion to approve minutes from June 2021 meeting. Moved by Danielle, seconded by Allison. PASSED.


Teachers report (Louise)

Teachers wanted to say that they are super happy to see kids sitting in desks. They are working on going over lines, walking through hallway, recess and ensuring kids are staying in their cohorts.


Treasurer’s Report (Allison)

Pizza days, our biggest fundraiser, did not happen last year, so relatively little money was raised.  We did receive some money through grants, along with donations from parents online and some fundraising.  Overall we raised just under $3700 last year.  Expenditures last year were just under $13000. Summary of all areas available in attachment. Some things approved for spending last year did not get paid out, but will be soon.  We have about $3200 to spend, plus whatever we raise this year!



Fundraising activities 2021/22 (Naomi)

FlipGive: closed for the time being. A new code will be posted online shortly. We made over $1000 from FlipGIve last year (which will arrive soon!)! Simply login to an online retailer through FlipGive and they will give a portion to the school.

Toppers Pizza: Fundraiser with Cinni minis raised over $700, but is now done. Naomi is working on a new fundraiser with them.

Labels from Mabel’s Labels, Oliver’s Labels and Loveable Labels: Codes available to use.

Direct donations: Needs to be set up through SchoolCashOnline. Margaret will look in to it before Terry Fox fundraising



A bit about Council:

How Council spends money:  We like to try and support the whole school. Need to be sure that the whole school benefits, not just specific grades or classes. 


What the year looks like for Council:

      Elections happen during October meeting, including selection of the chair (will chair the meetings and send out agenda and reminders), vice-chair (fills in and signatory on cheques); treasurer (keeps track of money in and money out, signs cheques); secretary position (takes notes and distributes them); fundraising chair (to oversee fundraising); web coordinator (updates website with minutes and posts updates to social media). There are also voting members on council.  To be a voting member you need to commit to regular attendance. We cannot pass motions unless we have quorum of voting members. We also have a position to be a member on the Ottawa Carleton Assembly of School Councils. Anyone can attend meetings, regardless of if they have a formal seat on council or if they are a voting member.

      November meeting is used to make decisions on what we will spend our money on.  Discussions sometimes stretch over multiple meetings.

      Events have been scheduled, but all tentative depending on COVID.

      When Council meets in person, they happen earlier and there is pizza and childcare!

      Council receives $500/year to help initiatives that get parents involved; last year we hosted virtual Little Rays and Scientists in the School session.


Council report has been submitted to the OCDSB.  Link to draft annual report provides description of the past year.


Check out SWC council page on Facebook!


Other Business:

Fall yard clean-up:

      Because school grounds are so large, it can be challenging to keep up with clean-up.  In the past a group of people have helped clean up the yard including raking (bringing their own rakes), weeding and sweeping.  Generally takes about 1.5 hours.  Suggest planning the event for October…

o   Ms Mills-Boone: the board has been VERY strict about parents NOT being allowed on school property – regardless of whether or not they bring their equipment.  Wanda will check in with the OCDSB superintendent.

      A dump of mulch might be beneficial to keep sand down and to help trees. Wanda agreed that there is no mulch left and several areas and sand is blowing in to office and kinder classrooms. In the past we have ordered up to 10yds. Naomi will call around to see the cost of mulch. We have $55 left in Tree grant that could be spent.

      For discussion/confirmation at our October meeting. 


School photos:  Ms Mills-Boone noted that currently there is NO plan to do school photos.  Principals are likely to request that they happen given how useful they are for administration, including Ontario School Record.  This may loosen up as we go. Using the gym to do one class at a time would potentially be allowable.


Meetings typically on the second Thursday of the month. Next meeting October 14.


Meeting Adjourned: 7:59

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