April 14, 2022

SWC Parent Council (Virtual) Meeting Minutes

April 14, 2022


Wanda Mills-Boone

Louise Cesario


2021/2022 Voting members: Olga Blais, Allison Peacocke, Karen Roberts, Danielle Rodier, Margaret Sambol, Jay Shurgold, Jill Sibbitt, Crystal Try Rachel Talbot,

Regrets: Naomi Elias, Michelle Jardine


Non-voting attendees: T. Cole, E. Merrill, R. Nzengue Mounanga, Duygu Cetegen Morewood



Meeting called to order (Jay) 6:33

Minutes from February 2022 

Motion to approve minutes from February 2022 meeting. Moved by Jay, seconded by Danielle. PASSED.


Principal’s Report (Wanda):

[Attached doc: School Council April 14th]


Q: Will there be opportunities for grade 6 SWC students to connect with students at Merivale High School before they start?  Perhaps to participate in something like music or sports? 

A: Not sure yet. Interest from MHS principle, but depends on pandemic restrictions. Focus now is on publicizing virtual event on May 4, but stay tuned.


Q: What happens if absentee rate hits 30%?

A: At 30% OPH gets involved to determine why children are away.  Office staff may ask parents why children aren’t at school.  OPH will also do an analysis of whether or not there is a class or cohort that is disproportionately affected.  Although kids mix on the yard, kids are still sort of cohorted because of recess schedule.  OPH will also assess if additional cleaning needs to happen or if there are other things that can be done. When gastro hit SWC during COVID the board did some enhanced cleaning, which seemed to really help.  


Teachers report (Louise)

Meghan Sarazin (primary autism teacher) wanted to share news about a student who is integrating into the 1-2 class.  They are also excited because the autism class will be joining the walking group on Fridays.

Mme L-B – Defi Musicale was a huge success! The event was organized to celebrate la francophonie.

Mrs Johnson- 3A and 2/3A have been learning about fractions, pizza fractions and making ads for new products.

Mme Perry – Working on technology and the arts.  Students are enjoying a games based approach to music theory.  Students have been experimenting with chrome music lab.  Grade 5s were trained on new website from OCDSB, in which students can do all sorts of things, including making videos and music.  Ukulele’s have also been used!



Treasurer’s Report (Allison)

We have done a lot of planned spending, but there are a few items still outstanding. Allison will connect with Wanda to discuss them.  Parent involvement grant came through. 


Fundraising activities 2021/22 (Crystal)

Updates on ongoing fundraisers:

FlipGive: $580 raised so far. We should do another social media push for spring shopping.

Toppers Pizza - at home pizza parties: So far, about $140 raised. ONLY direct orders are being considered.

Labels from Mabel’s Labels, Oliver’s Labels and Loveable Labels:. $67 check arrived from Mabel’s labels! (not yet reflected in financials)

Direct donations: >$2000 raised year to date!

Indigo night: No confirmation of what a possible date might be, but still possible.


Looking forward:


Outstanding requests for items: A few donations came in through the list of toys that was posted on SWC Facebook page and shared in the Buy Nothing group. Items will be dropped at school next week. We should consider a refresh of social media push.


Parent Reaching Out (PRO) Grant offered by OCDSB: Scientists in the School have been confirmed. Details will be circulated. We should have a session host, moderator and liaison. The board has a list of roles/responsibilities for each. Council will be contacted by email to gauge interest in these roles.


Can we proceed with evening activities – Fun Night? Pizza/movie night?: We can start to plan, but can’t put out messaging/invitations for things. Return of masks is making indoor events more challenging (especially with food).  Outdoor things, like a food truck night, might be possible. Restrictions are moving in the right direction, but we have no way of know if/what restrictions might change. Consider planning an end of year event, being conscious of limitations. Email will be circulated to council with a few dates.

·      Q: Do we need to avoid any other events? Like a grade 6 graduation?  A: We have not been given green light to do a formal grade 6 graduation, but it would be during the school day. There may be an evening event, but still TBD depending on restrictions.

·      Q: Could we use the parent involvement grant to offset a vendor coming to a food truck event compensation?  A: Possibly.  Board likely to be lenient if we plan an event to use the funds and it gets cancelled on account of COVID.

·      Q: On May 28 General Burns Community Association is doing a community event at the park…. Could we raise this in correspondence with SWC families?  A: maybe..


Spring clean-up/May Mulch Madness: Money has been approved and transferred to the school for the mulch. Wanda will look in to if there is any reason why it couldn’t happen within current guidelines. This event is normally done on a Saturday morning. Consider aiming for May 7 to help calm the mud issues in the yards. Naomi was coordinating, Allison will reach out to confirm feasibility.


Parent Involvement funding:  Last year we did virtual Little Rays Reptile. Consider keeping for food truck night. 


Translation of Council documents: How can we make this happen? Karen to follow up with Amanda L about what she discovered last year. 


Meeting Adjourned: 7:55

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