December 10, 2020

SWC Parent Council (Virtual) Meeting Minutes

December 10, 2020


Wanda Mills-Boone

Louise Cesario


Voting members: Allison Peacocke, Amanda Lancaster, Crystal Try, Danielle Rodier, Jill Ade-Sibbit, Karen Roberts, Jayson Shurgold, Margaret Sambol and Naomi Elias. 9/12=quorum

Missing: David Sibayeh Ngantchu, Farhat Saqui, Idil Omar


Non-voting attendees: Cara Baas, Christina Butler-Jones, Christina Harrison-Baird,  Duygu Morewood, Phillip Mansfield, Wendy Mansfield, Alexis Ashworth, Joanne McAuley, Motahar Nabawi, Michael Carter


Meeting called to order 6:33 pm


Minutes from November 2020 

Motion to approve minutes from November meeting. Moved by Danielle, seconded by Crystal. PASSED.


Principal’s Report (Wanda):

      Students are getting quite comfortable in their routines. Safety remains important on a daily basis, but lots of learning happening.

      Kids have been able to get in to the gym when weather/conditions do not permit outdoor PE. Equipment is still limited due to cleaning required. Classes focused on working on skills development.  Dividing wall still does not work, so awaiting replacement in the new year.

      Very limited movement between OCV (virtual) and in person learning. Most SWC classes are full. Kinder classes close to max (29). According to ministry cap, there remain a couple spaces in grades 5 and 6, but limited.  As such, SWC is not accepting changes from virtual to bricks and mortar unless there are extenuating circumstances.

      Holidays are coming. The board has circulated a parent communique about travel. Everyone REALLY wants to be back in the school on Jan 4, so remember to follow the guidelines!!! 

      All staff want to send a huge thank-you to parents for supporting staff and dealing with wet kids because of extra outdoor time.  Thank you!!

Teachers report (Louise Cesario)

      Grade 6s are putting final touches on clay sculptures for science. Also creating drama pieces to record in the new year.

      Grade 4s and 5s are working on NFLD mummers plays to do virtually for other classes.

      Wendy Mansfield: thank you from the BIP class for the items/supports council has provided.  Kids are looking for equipment for the yard they use at the front of the school.  Big or small items would be appreciated!


Treasurer’s Report

Not much to report. Not much income. Only 1 distribution made: $2000 to student discretionary fund. More expected, as per forecast.  Reminders of motions of spending from previous meeting included in Balance sheet. We have just under $8000 to spend in the remainder of the year. Cheque from Flipgive for just under $2,000 from last year’s Flipgive campaign will be added, so final amount available to spend is close to $10,000.


Spending 2020/2021

      Discussion delayed until January to allow teacher proposals


Laughologist update / Scientists in the school

      For discussion in January along with other funding proposals. Background on the issue: The laughologist comes in to schools and professional environments to teach positive outlook/posturing/humour through laughter. Thought it would be great to do with staff and also with students, given the format is now online, it is not likely to be of great interest to teachers at this point in time. Money was allocated for the laughologist last year, however it may be better put towards Scientists in the School, which is also now offering an online program. For $220 Scientists in the School will teach an hour long class and send science kits ahead of time for the class. It’s up to the teacher to run the class/program with the help of the online guidance. Because the teachers like the Scientist in the School program, the $1000 laughologist budget (allocated last year) would likely be well received if transferred over. This can be discussed in January, when teachers can decide if they want to implement the program

Fundraising activities 2020/21

      FlipGive –Shop online through Flipgive!  Sooo easy!  Most retailers only give 1%, but it all adds up!  Money comes from retailer, not from anybody else’s pocket! Wanda to send email to online community before Christmas.

      Direct donations: This was an option through School Cash Online last year as a way to donate directly, rather than through a fundraising campaign.  It is not yet set up this year, but could be done. 

      Loveable Labels: SWC has a page that gives a % of sales to SWC.  Link will be posted again.

      Cookie Dough: Not possible this year because of contact required for delivery. Will put on hold until next year.

      Poppa Jacks Popcorn: Again, because of contact, no food programs, other than snack program offered.


Looking Forward

      Ottawa Food Bank Fundraiser: Making good progress. Total to date is $615. Could extend this fundraiser beyond Christmas if there was interest.

      Crossing guard letter writing: Background was provided by earlier council members, highlighting history of the safety concerns at 5 different crossing points around the school.  All efforts put forward to date appear to have been rejected. Wanda has noted that despite many sources/studies pointing to issues, everything seems to require petitions/letters.  For example, to remove no parking signs from the front of Parkwood Hills for drop off or for the addition of a sidewalk, it requires the distribution of letters to neighbouring houses and then an appropriate waiting period.  Given our street is generally super quiet at all times of the day OTHER THAN drop-off or pick-up, it’s not seen as an issue. Wanda does feel that the more a city hears about a problem is beneficial.  Perhaps putting out sample/model text and allowing parents to adapt/modify as appropriate and send in themselves would be helpful?  Council can/should also write a letter.

o   ACTION ITEM/next steps: council to send a letter; provide backgrounder to parents and encourage them to write a letter;

      School photos – are they happening?: Wanda noted that we have been advised to hold off on doing school photos for the time being. It might be possible in the spring.  Class photos from last year have been distributed to students at school, and for OCV students they are currently in OCR’s to give to students if/when they come back.

      Staff thank you cards: Last month we voted to support all staff. In the past we have written hand written notes for staff. We have 65 handwritten notes to write.  Are there any volunteers to support this initiative? Margaret will provide the cards. 

      Teacher gifts – encourage buying local?: The suggestion was made to provide parents with a list of local businesses to support when purchasing holiday staff gifts. Time might be too crunched this year. Consider pointing people to Keith Egli’s local business list through the SWC Facebook page.

o   ACTION ITEM (Amanda): add link to Keith Egli’s list to Facebook page


Meeting adjourned: 7:45 pm

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