February 11, 2021

SWC Parent Council (Virtual) Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2021


Wanda Mills-Boone


Voting members: Allison Peacocke, Amanda Lancaster, Karen Roberts, Jayson Shurgold, Margaret Sambol, Naomi Elias, Jill Ade-Sibbit, David Sibaye, Crystal Try.

Regrets: Danielle Rodier Missing: Farhat Saqui, Idil Omar,


Non-voting attendees: Cara Baas, Christina Butler-Jones, Duygu Morewood, Alex McAuley, Joanne McAuley, Jamie Lau, Jason Ho, Phillip Mansfield


Meeting called to order

Minutes from January 2021  

Motion to approve minutes from January 2021 meeting. Moved by Amanda, seconded by Naomi. PASSED.

Principal’s Report (Wanda):

Everyone happy to be back. The greatest change/challenge was having grades 1-3 in masks all day. With dedication and perseverance, this has only been a small challenge. Thank you to parents for preparing the kids so well.

We continue to follow OPH and board health guidelines, including daily screening for teachers. Replacement teachers can sometimes be hard to find, which can mean that if your child’s teacher is absent they will sometimes have multiple replacement teachers in a day. All staff are screened each morning and many occasional teachers are only working at a select number of schools to lower risk.

It’s Black history month at SWC. There are lots of things going on!

Report cards have been postponed until Feb 18. Just a reminder that the report card portal is always slow the day report cards come out.

Kinder info night was completed. It was recorded and can be viewed online. Please encourage families with kids planning to attend SWC next year to register if they plan to come.

Parkwood Hills parking: The West parking lot at Parkwood Hills is staying open and will be plowed.

Tomorrow is a PD day. Staff will be learning!

Toonie Tuesday is Feb 23. Because students cannot bring in money it will be on School Cash Online, along with a direct give option!


Teachers report (Wanda)

Ms. Rea’s class wanted to pass along a happy Valentine’s Day


Treasurer’s Report

Not much to report.  Still some weird stuff around pizza from last year’s cancelled cheque. Expenses are trickling out slowly.  We have just under $10K not yet committed.


Margaret received an email from OCDSB noting that the parent involvement grant can be carried over until next year if we want. 

      One idea for spending would be to pay a high school student to translate our council minutes for parents for whom English is not accessible. Wanda noted that Arabic would be the next most spoken language after English. It was noted that as a minimum wage task, translating minutes for the remainder of the year wouldn’t be much more than $150. ACTION Amanda to reach out to Omer Deslauriers secondary school and see if they would have an interested student. Council will gauge interest before making a final decision.


Spending 2020/2021


      Class equipment, as requested by staff (details in attached document) – up to $4700:

o   Lego kits for kinder classes and autism class, to be stored in resource room.

o   Wicker outdoor deck box for BIP  yard. 

o   Balance beams, to be made by parents; used for kinder yard and maybe BIP yard.

o   Chalkboard shapes

o   Nesting colanders

o   Rakes and shovels

o   Manipulatives cleaning tub kit – 1/kinder class, 1 for upstairs, 1 for autism/BIP

o   Wheelbarrow

o   Dino bones

o   Bubble machine

o   Bucket with lip

o   Scoops

o   Waterwheel

o   Snap circuits

o   Magnetic fraction tiles

o   Magnetic base 10 set

o   Magnetic counters

o   Snap cubes

o   Physics pulleys

o   Magnetic compass

o   Membership for Je lis Je lis – online French reading program, annual license to begin September 2021. Similar to Raz kids, but more appropriately leveled.

o   Tooth model

o   Eye model

o   Human heart model

o   Xrays

o   Dodgeballs

o   PE equipment bag with balls

      Library fund to supplement guided readers. $1000 

      Hepa filters (previously raised at Council): Wanda says that the board has provided a large HEPA filter for every classroom, so there is no longer need.

      Bluetooth speakers (previously raised at Council):  primarily for use outdoors, so given there is snow on the ground the need is less urgent.  Estimate would be for something around $100 each, so a total of $500

      Reserve $5000 for next year (previously raised at Council): Do we need to maintain this much money?  Many things that we are proposing to buy should last beyond this year, so future children will benefit.  Even if we buy everything proposed there would still be $3000. 


MOTION to spend up to $4,700 on supplies/equipment from staff requests, up to $1,000 for a library fund and up to $500 for Bluetooth speakers. Moved by Margaret, seconded by Jill. Motion PASSED with 1 abstention. 



Fundraising activities 2020/21

      Fundraising report from Naomi: $731 from FlipGive and over $200 from Toppers CInnabon promo

      Forest of reading program (funded by council this year) is starting for Grades 2 and 3. The books look AWESOME!


Looking Forward

Lots of thank-yous received from staff for gift cards given at Christmas.

Call for applications for the community environmental grant project run by the city of Ottawa is open until March 31. Email SWC council if you want details.

Traffic letter: Given council has had the chance to review, we can now share with others… council to sign and send to our city councillor, and then share with parents as a template for parents to use in sending their own letters. 

Meeting adjourned: 7:36.


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