January 14, 2021

SWC Parent Council (Virtual) Meeting Minutes

January 14, 2021


Wanda Mills-Boone

Louise Cesario


Voting members: Allison Peacocke, Amanda Lancaster, Danielle Rodier, Karen Roberts, Jayson Shurgold, Margaret Sambol , Naomi Elias, Jill Ade-Sibbit, David Sibaye, Crystal Try. 9/12=quorum

Missing:, Farhat Saqui, Idil Omar,


Non-voting attendees: Cara Baas, Christina Butler-Jones, Christina Harrison-Baird, Jason Hinek, Aaron Novecosky, Nancy Murphy, Winnie Siu, Michael Carter, Duygu Morewood, Alexis Ashworth, Joanne McAuley, Motahar Nabawi, George Chernov, Jamie Lau.

Regrets: Phillip Mansfield, Wendy Mansfield,

Meeting called to order

Minutes from December 2020 

Motion to approve minutes from November meeting. Moved by Danielle, seconded by Jayson. PASSED.


Principal’s Report (Wanda):

·      Really hoped to have been back to in person learning. Decisions being made second by second. Principles are getting VERY little lead time on decisions. 

·      Jan 25 virtual kinder info night – this will provide board level info. Future info night will be SWC specific. Kinder registration link now on website

·      Some students are currently allowed to be at school. SWC has three classes running: 2 Autism Spectrum Disorder classes and the Behaviour Intervention Program.  Custodians and office staff are also in building

·      HUGE thank you from teachers for gift cards. 

·      Big thank you to Naomi for box of treats

·      Staff have been unable to produce spending proposals because of the time required to pivot to online learning.  Daily duration of online learning is significantly more than in the spring.  Times for each grade are dictated. Thanks to staff and parents for being so good with the transition!

·      Wellbeing remains the most important thing! Everyone is doing a tremendous job! 

Parent comment #1: JK child having an incredible time!  Looking forward to return to school, but efforts by teachers have been phenomenal!

Parent comment #2: Grade 1 wants to stay virtual because he likes seeing teacher’s smile.


Parent comment #3: Much gratitude from us to grade 4 teachers! They are awesome in class and online!


Parent request: Could you (Wanda) ask staff to post the announcement s in the google classroom stream? We never get them due to tech issues


Teachers report (Louise Cesario)

·       No teacher reports. Louise and Wanda have joined all classrooms on and off over the last 2 weeks. Teachers are working really hard at learning new tech and tools.  Louise and Wanda really enjoy the morning announcements. 


Treasurer’s Report

Weird year of finances continues…. We have stale dated cheque that should have gone to pay Toppers for last pizza day in March (before March break/closure), but they never received it because of school closure.  We have contacted them but not heard back. Spending is just according to approvals to date. Just under $10K that we can commit to spend this year.


Parent Involvement Committee from the board met this week. It was shared that $500 council cheques will be coming. It is not currently reflected in the spreadsheet.


Spending 2020/2021


·       Helmets for use by special classes while on plasma cars, small trikes, and scooters used to support gross motor movement: request for 10 helmets, $40 each, for special needs class, but goal is to get 20 helmets so that no sharing is required:

o   Discussion: Wanda noted that the board does not require helmets when bikes are used because board does not anticipate usage by multiple students at once. Longevity of helmets? Helmets could be used up until expiration date.  Should we give money to purchase 20 helmets, or only 10 as requested?  Could justify covering full cost, because we did NOT spend all of last year’s money. If we only have 10 helmets, priority for their use will be given to those students requiring them most e.g. one of the ASD classes is primarily kinder and grade 1, still working on motor ability. . 

o   MOTION Spend up to $800 to purchase 20 helmets, raised by Naomi. Seconded by Amanda. Motion passed.

·       Tarps for kinders: the tarps for the kindergarten kids have been purchased, cut and are in use.

o   MOTION Refund Naomi up to $100 for tarps , raised by Margaret. Seconded by Jill. Motion passed.

·       Scientists in the school:  How many classes would be interested? 4 kinder, grade 3s and 4/5 class.  Each class is $250 for up to 27 students. Given we don’t know what’s happening in the next month, using the $1000 allocated to the laughologist last year we can promise up to 4 classes could do scientists in the schools, with potential for discussion again at a later meeting. 

o   MOTION to reallocate the $1000 allocated to Laughologist last school year to general fund; MOTION that up to $1000 be allocated to Scientists in the School when classes return to in person. Raised by Margaret. Seconded by Crystal.

·       Anything necessary for online?? 

o   Wanda noted teachers still trying to figure out what online learning will look like if it goes long-term. Online support provided to all teachers (including occasional ones) by the board. All apps used need to be vetted through the board. There is a long list of approved apps/platforms, many are free. There are some apps that are not, but there have yet to be requests for the ones requiring funds. Likely to receive lots of requests IF this goes beyond Jan 20.

o   The point was raised that sometimes platforms aren’t supported by technology and/or internet at home. Awareness of this needs to be raised.

o   Can we pre-approve a budget that could be tapped in to before February meeting in case requests come in before that time? Yes.

o   For further discussion at next meeting..

·       To discuss at next meeting: how much money do we save for next year, given we’re not bringing in much money this year? Average annual spend is $15000. Suggestion is to preserve around $5000.


Fundraising activities 2020/21

·       Toppers Merivale fundraiser… On Tuesdays and Wednesdays if you add Cinnabons to your order, Toppers will give SWC $3.

·       FlipGive still running

·       Direct donations: not pushed forward until school returns

·       Loveable Labels: always open

·       Indigo online fundraiser?  Naomi to look in to it. 

·       Who is allowed to ask businesses/organizations about opportunities for fundraising?  Generally Naomi has letters/letterheads that can be passed along, but Wanda is always advised in advance. Keeping Wanda in the loop is essential for our insurance. 

·       Laundry detergent has fundraising option. Info can be sent to Naomi. Provided people can order directly through the company, without any contact, it’s likely an option. 


Looking Forward

o   Traffic –Crossing guard letter has been written and edited. It is ready to be put out for individuals to review and submit before the end of March.  Link to draft letter for comment: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RzjAPsSGHsErQhdyy-go7jchZ63uOlZqHdWl5RKjlbk/edit?pli=1 Although no interest in putting additional constraints on parents, a Feb 11 deadline would allow discussion at next council meeting.

o   Parking at Parkwood Hills: OCDSB will only plow one of the two lota. Work still being done to change parking rules on road in front of Parkwood Hills. Can we pay privately to plow the second lot? Wanda to look in to this.

o   FYI from Wanda: Inquiries from parents in OCV about what they need to do to re-enroll their kids at SWC.  The process is still TBD, but an email will likely be circulated by the board to assess peoples’ plans.  Wanda has no info yet. There will be a space for every child who lives in the catchment area. 


Meeting adjourned: 7:52


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