November 11, 2021

SWC Parent Council (Virtual) Meeting Minutes

November 11, 2021


Wanda Mills-Boone, Louise Cesario


2021/2022 Voting members: Olga Blais, Naomi Elias, Michelle Jardine, Allison Peacocke, Karen Roberts, Margaret Sambol, Jill Sibbitt, Rachel Talbot, Crystal Try

Regrets: Danielle Rodier, Jay Shurgold


Non-voting attendees: Duygu Morewood, Tracy Cole, Joanne McAuley, Amanda Lancaster, Elise Merrill, Elia Sholeh, Cara Baas, Hilary


Meeting called to order 6:33

Minutes from October 2021 

Motion to approve minutes from October 2021 meeting. Moved byCrystal, seconded by Allison. PASSED.

Principal’s Report (Wanda):


Thank you for joining us on Remembrance Day. I trust you were able to take a moment to join our OCDSB virtual ceremony or one throughout the city. We would like to pass along a huge thank you to Ms Crosbie & Madame L-B for organizing our virtual assembly where many of our classes were able to participate. 


Progress reports are home and tomorrow we will continue with our parent-teacher interviews. A reminder that tomorrow is a PD day and there will be no school for students. If you are unable to have an interview at this time but have any questions please reach out to your teachers at any time.


We are seeing some slight, cautious changes regarding COVID guidelines. In cases that it would benefit students, integration may happen. This is important at SWC particularly for our students in our Autism & Behaviour programs who would benefit from joining grade appropriate classes for some subjects. 


School pictures are being booked for grade 12 students in OCDSB. Elementary has not been given the go ahead yet. We are hopeful for Spring.


Comfort level around COVID guidelines is happening. If you can please remind your children we still need to be vigilant it would be very helpful. Also very important to keep children home when they are sick. We are still working on some routines such as the bathroom especially for our younger students.


Students are engaged in many learning activities throughout the school which is great to see.


Q: Did one of the bike racks get moved?  A: Yes. We will be putting the bike rack back. 


Teachers report (Louise)


None to report.


Treasurer’s Report (Allison)

$800 in direct donations have already come through School Cash Online. Toppers and FlipGive money expected in the account soon, which will leave just over $6500 in funds to spend this year.


Funding requests

Background from Margaret: This year we have less money to spend than in previous years, because of limited fundraising during the pandemic last year.  We generally spend according to parameters, as per the spending guide []. The initial list of spending requests is over budget.  Additionally, in the recent past, council has held back money for additional late requests. This is something to consider as we make our decisions.


Q: Is there potential to ask parents to donate books instead of funding their purchase? Why not just purchase books for the library so more students can use them? A: There is a strong interest in keeping some books in the classrooms so they are more readily available (vs being in the library).  Lots of emphasis is being placed on ensuring children are able to see themselves in the classroom setting.  This includes in the available books.

      To note:  Books purchased for junior classrooms would become school property, not teacher property. Books will need to be stamped.

      There has been a massive clean-up of the resource room to renew collections of class sets.  Grade level specific bins have also been created and distributed to grades 1-3.

      Interest of older grades is in ensuring that books are all culturally sensitive.  Many teachers have pared down their classroom book collections accordingly, which has resulted in gaps that they’d like to fill.


Q: Is the Indigo fundraiser happening? Could we give proceeds of this to address Junior book request? A:

Indigo night is a go on November 24 – we can get a cheque for 10-15% or 20% in gift cards to spend at Indigo.  There is a manned table for the event. Teachers could provide a list of books that they’d like to have donated. For books, suggest lowering amount given and then also tell them that they will benefit from Indigo fundraiser.


Comment: it might be challenging to acquire the sorts of books being requested from Indigo, vs direct from publishers, especially when it comes to French books. We might even want to consider increasing the amount of funds given to this ask.


Q: Potential to have parents donate trucks, etc for kinder yard?  A: Yes, however quality needs to be ensured. If the school is purchasing items, it needs to be from an approved vendor to help ensure this. 


Q: Can we put a call out through facebook, requesting items of a certain quality?… a toy drive of sorts? A: Yes. There must be stipulations on donations wrt quality.


Comment: If we’re going to be soliciting donations through Facebook, we should let parents know that this group exists!  A: Michelle will help craft some messages for Facebook.


Q: For the PhysEd equipment, it would benefit older grades more.  Given limitations of the yard, having a good supply of equipment is super important. Could people donate sports equipment?


Q: Do we need a contingency fund leftover for next year?  Especially given we aren’t doing any of our major fundraising initiatives.  A: Not technically, but it might be wise so that we can fund something like the first pizza day.  Treasurer: It would be wise to keep some money in the bank for ongoing funds. Keeping some in reserve would likely be prudent for requests later in the year. 


Comment from Wanda: The phys-ed request from autism group could be reduced… e.g. wedge and tunnel. These would be great for the maker’s space, but we often get funds in the new year for special needs and they could be applied to this. 


Comment from Wanda: Bumping back classroom support, likely not going to be portrayed negatively by teachers. They would rather our limited funds go towards buying things for the kids. 


Decision: Pare back funding requests, with the intention of a) seeing what other funds come through from Indigo, special needs funds and b) seeing what sorts of donations might be solicited from parents (i.e. for kinder yard truck request), c) keeping a bit of a reserve for next year and/or later requests.


MOTION Spend up to $4850 for the list of spending requests below.

Spending requests





Autism A (magnet boards, headphones) *up to




$ 250.00

Wedge, scooters, tunnel *up to





Kindergarten trucks + Plus blocks *up to




$ 450.00

Kindergarten acrylic sheets for outdoor painting *up to




$ 650.00

Kindergarten Tuff Trays + stands *up to




$ 600.00

Junior classrooms books EN and FR *up to




$ 1,000.00

Mulch, up to




$ 300.00

Gym supplies (frisbees, balls, nets) *up to




$ 500.00

Student fund




$ 1,000.00

Classroom support





1% Challenge




$ 50.00

Admin support (Parent involvement grant)




$ 50.00

Moved by Margaret. Seconded by Naomi. PASSED



Appropriate Use of Technology policy


No further comments submitted after last meeting. Margaret will submit.


Fundraising activities 2021/22 (Naomi)

FlipGive: No further update.

Toppers Pizzawants to continue partnering, every Monday and Wednesday, every personal pizza purchased gives $3 to SWC.

Labels from Mabel’s Labels, Oliver’s Labels and Loveable Labels:. Still not sufficient sales to get a payout.

Direct donations: $800 received so far this year.

Indigo: November 24th. Indigo at Pinecrest.  Email council email if you are willing to sit at the table anytime from noon to 8 pm.  Teachers create a list of books that parents can purchase.  Bulldog may show up at the event.  In the past, kids have played music.  In light of COVID, maybe we could do an art show… to attract parents to come out and buy a book. Wanda thinks it should be possible!


Wayfinding signs feedback


Lots of people saw them and thought they were well done.  Signs not as visible to those driving.  Consider putting them near parking lots next year


Meeting Adjourned: 8:00

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