November 13, 2018

SWC School Council Minutes

Tuesday, November 13, 2018
Meeting come to order at: 5:41

Voting members in attendance: Margaret Sambol, Fiona Warren, Carolyn Berezowsky, Cara Baas, Amanda Lancaster, Pam Woolridge, Jenn O’Reilly, Naomi Elias, Harinder Batth, Melissa Forrest, Rebecca Johnston, Philip Mansfield, Wendy Mansfield, Katherine Percival, Olga Blais,Jason Hinek, Leila Chinaei, T-C D’Agostino
Guests: Jamie Northrup, Cindy Chan, Erin Stratton, Allison Pilon, Juliet Opuni-Marsah
SWC staff: Wanda Mills-Boone, Louise Cesario, L. Rea, B Durnin ​

Welcome (Margaret)

This is Margaret’s first meeting as chair. There is s full agenda, please do our best to discuss, be kind and stay on time. Welcome to new attendees.

Parent Council (council)is an advisory committee with a whole school focus. Council tries to make consensus based decisions, but we do vote when there is not consensus. You can still vote without being a voting member, unless there is a particularly contentious issue.

Celebrating success (Margaret)

QSP good job, movie night well attended, fall clean up, mulch spread, yard looks great. Pizza program has been continuing

Motion to approve the October 2018 minutes moved by Jenn, seconded by Fiona

Principal’s Report (Wanda)

October has been busy. Big thanks to council. Movie night was a huge success. Saturday clean up was fun, it was a good time for Wanda to get to know the kids; kinder yard looks great.

First Lock down practice took place this past month. Kids were well behaved, lots of questions from kinders, went well. 3 fire drills required at beginning of year and 3 at end of year, 2 lock down drills required per year. School Resource Officer (SRO) Constable Lee was in attendance for the lock down drill. He is often in the school. Wants kids to know him as a staff member and as a person to help. Kids get accustomed to seeing officers in case of a real lock down.

Staff are looking at Student Learning Plan (SLP) with a focus on Math. Building on last year’s plan, there is a focus on clarifying success criteria ie kids knowing what is expected,making rubric coming home clearer and more meaningful. French focus: Ensuring kids are aware of what words look like and what those words are. Looking at math skills/concept words across subjects, ie standing 5th in line, adding another paragraph. In December teachers who have been trained will model SLP to staff.

School bus safety presentation jk-3 tomorrow. Juniors(4-6) have a presentation on bus safety and behavior on the bus

Nov 22 parent teacher interviews. Teachers have sent home a notice if you are getting an interview

This is privacy week, staff reviewing what is privacy, when is a good time to review passwords etc. Parents please consider confidentiality while you are in the school.

Photos have gone home, many retakes needed, complaints about process. SWC is looking into using a new photo company for next school year

Regarding printing homework sheets, printing is big part of budget, staff is looking at what do they really need to be printing. Considering how does staff ensure all kids have access to a printed sheet. Phillip-Sending double sided when possible would help. Wendy-When letters go home school wide, can only one be sent home to oldest kids only? Jenn- Can teachers be trained on Google Classroom? Jenn loves it. Can parent host a night to train parents on this? Harinder-learning to be had with managing paper, it can be easier for parents if they have paper, no fight over screens. Wanda-not out of paper yet, we will work on it

Naomi requested more information about the stumps being moved out of kinder yard. Wanda- It happened yesterday as a result of an injury of a staff member. Issue was of holes and movable stumps. Movable and more permanent logs were removed. This issue is no longer in our hands. Naomi-Can we put more stuff in the yard? Wanda-If no one complains, then no action is taken by the Ottawa Carleton District School Board (OCDSB). As soon as the OCDSB is aware, tires etc, get removed. Stumps also removed from big yard, holes not filled in big yard small yard filled with mud after removal of stumps.

20 kids going to WE day tomorrow. Bus is leaving at 8am from Meadowlands

Yesterday, chromebook battery caused grade 6 class to be evacuated. Teacher used fire extinguisher to extinguish spark. Did not set of alarms, Other classes not affected. Room will not be used until room is cleaned and smell is gone Teacher’s Report (Lisa)

Blue and green kinders need to do a lock down, were at Bill Mason where squirrels were a highlight. Red and yellow kinders going to Emerald Plaza library monthly, also with blue and green kinders.

Gr1 : Corporal Cunningham and his wife and Constable Lee visited (Rememberance Day, have been learning about preparing for winter, using boomwackers in music

Gr 5: Have been using online French editor bon patron. Are constructing towers using various materials using a budget to pay for them, will test strength of towers with a leaf blower. Have been investigating local service groups

Autism: Integrating students into morning recess, students have fun. Some integration with Mme Kaine’s math class. Kinders go into autism on Friday mornings, sharing boardgames, sharing body break with the school. Have been swimming at Minto pool.

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