December 8, 2022

SWC Parent Council (Hybrid) Meeting Minutes

December 8, 2022


Hanif Jamal 

Megan Skentelbery 

Suaad Alwaeer 


Voting members: Jay Shurgold, Karen Roberts, Danielle Rodier, Margaret Sambol, Allison Peacocke, Amy Dijkema, Andre Lessard, James Bent, Olga Blais, Jill Ade


Non-voting members: Jodi, Tracy Cole, Amanda Lancaster, Jill MacDougall


Meeting called to order (Jay) 6:37


Minutes from November 2022 

Motion to approve minutes from November 2022 meeting. Moved by Andre, seconded by Allison. PASSED


Approval of Agenda  

Motion to accept agenda. Moved by Allison, seconded by Amy. PASSED  


Chair’s Report (Jay)


End of year report: Council provided the report as required.


Electronic Voting: How do the voting members feel about how this had taken place? No issues with how they are done. Should use them only when it is needed in the interest of time. Lots of considerations go into Raz Kids vote, so it was helpful to have the information written out for this purpose. 


Insurance update: Concern about if principal had to be on site during event (movie night). If it’s a school-run event, principal needs to be there. If it’s a council run event can proceed without a staff member if the space has been booked by council.


Updates to the constitution: Two main themes - reference to standard operating procedures and access to equity initiatives. When we move to spend funds or support initiatives, ensure that they are representative of the school population. Planning to put this forward near the end of the school year. Should be careful to keep SOPs separate from the constitution. Interested in participating in these discussions via a working group: Jayson, Allison, Danielle, Andre, Tracy, James. 

Treasurer’s Report (Allison)

Financial reports were circulated in advance. Movie night raised just under $1000 after payments for pizza and other costs. Direct donations are at $640 through school cash online. Few administrative costs for council meetings. Question about pizza: does it still make sense to offer now that council starts at 6:30? Less need now that we are hybrid. Using Google Forms and if there is enough demand, then we order but if not then it makes sense to not offer. It is an opt in situation. Suggest only spending only what we get through the parent involvement grant. Anything above that amount would require a motion to increase. 


MOTION: Up to $500 for food for council meetings over the year from the parent involvement grant. Moved by Margaret, seconded by Allison. PASSED


ACTION: Danielle to post about direct donations on Facebook in January. 


Attach RAZ Kids motion that was passed virtually.




Fundraising activities 2022/23 (Jay)


Pizza lunches (Karen): Going really well. Human error reason for issues with grade 4 and ⅘ class. Question about pepperoni. Gluten-free option being explored for next term depending on the certification. Working to have school cash online order January-March available in the next week. This will include ability to donate/buy a slice for another student. Zero cost, subsidized cost, donation and full cost options will be available online. How do we make list of students who can benefit from the additional slice? First step would be for them to self-identify and otherwise will work with the teachers/staff. May need a motion in January to supplement if enough money is not raised to meet the demand. There are 8-9 slices returned to the office each week. 


Movie Night (Amy): overall went well. Some concerns with children running around. Will go smoother next time. Adding an outline before so each volunteer will know what they need to do on the day of. We will work towards having a different set up next time (chairs vs. mats). Separate area for kids to play. Volunteer needed in the hallway near the washrooms. Microphone will help for additional instructions, providing information to families in advance and during the movie. 


Snowsuit Drive (Suaad): Many winter clothes collected in sizes ranging from 6 months to adult. Still collecting. Mittens, gloves, hats are always needed at school. Word will be spread for teachers to know if there are children that require additional winter clothing. Find a way to ensure that children who need clothing can be provided with them. Sizes for school-aged children will be made available to SWC students first. We may take photos of additional suits to see if families need larger or smaller sizes. Google Form may help us identify who needs help. 


Translation: Suaad may be able to help with translation into Arabic.


Food bank fundraising campaign: Set up a school fundraiser and post to Facebook in tandem with Art Auction - to be discussed via email.


Popcorn day (Jay): Papa Jack’s in new year. Details at January meeting.


Candy Canes (Jay): Find a way to provide a candy cane to every student in the school with the option to opt out. Parents have ability to make donation online $2-$3. Also brings attention to direct donation. Permission form needed for parents - include ingredients for allergy concerns. Defer decision to proceed with something similar for Valentine’s Day. 


January 27 Movie Night: stay tuned for additional details.


Spending Plans (Jay): Teachers are working on finding resources that they have requested but not received. We are getting some money back to council. Not many requests for supplies. Hanif to work with staff before the holidays and provide to council via email. Full details coming at January meeting. Meeting with staff next week to discuss. Is this an opportunity to look at a larger project since we don’t have a lot of one-off requests? Potential options include outdoor learning space or kindergarten yard. 


Motion: Donate $60 which is approximately 1% of our planned spending to the Education Foundation. Introduced by Margaret, Seconded by Allison. PASSED


Motion: Up to $50 for administrative costs (bank fees). Introduced by Allison, seconded by Jay. PASSED


Motion: Nominate Andre for secretary, replacing Karen. Introduced by Jay, seconded by Karen. PASSED


Principal’s Reports (Hanif and Megan):

See attached slide deck:  2022.12_Principal and VP report.pdf



SAT Committee: Meeting January 24 to assess what will be needed in morning and afternoon for traffic. Email Hanif if you are interested in more information or participating. 


Art Auction: Online auction to bid through Google Form. Money will be raised for the Food Bank. Will coordinate via email to larger Food Bank fundraiser. 


Meeting Adjourned: 8:03 pm

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