November 10, 2022

SWC Parent Council (Hybrid) Meeting Minutes

November 10, 2022


Hanif Jamal

Megan Skantelbery

Suad Alwaeer

Voting members: Jay Shurgold, Karen Roberts, Danielle Rodier, Margaret Sambol, Allison Peacocke, Jeremie Blais (for Olga), James Bent, Monika Petridis, Amy Dijkema, Andre Lessard, Jill Ade

Non-voting members: Jill McDougall, Jason Hinek, Leila, Duygu Cetegan Morewood, Joanne McAuley, Julia Colasante, Jodi, Tracy Cole, Amanda Lancaster

Meeting called to order (Jay) 6:39

Minutes from October 2022  

Motion to approve minutes from October 2022 meeting. Moved by Margaret, seconded by Jay. PASSED.

Approval of Agenda

Motion to accept agenda. Moved by Jodi, seconded by Andre. PASSED

Principal’s Reports (Hanif and Megan):

See attached slide deck: 2022.10_Principal and VP report.pdf

Breakfast Program: Finished interviews for breakfast program at SWC. It should start next week.  ONFE has indicated about 100 students should be involved, but Megan and Hanif feel it might be higher.  May consider an open enrollment so that it’s not stigmatized at all.  

Composite photos from last year:  Company indicated that they did NOT do composite photos last year.  Further discussions have not been productive, but Hanif will follow-up again during retake day.  

OPH Outbreak:  As of Tuesday of this week, absences have been going down.  Remembrance Day assembly was discussed with OPH.  Movie night may be at risk if numbers begin to go up.

Remembrance Day Assembly: Green tape being used on floors to keep kids apart.  Two assemblies happening to limit numbers.  Families attending had to let the school know by today.

Parking lot: Hanif has in writing that the board will maintain the Parkwood Hills parking lot next year. OCDSB will plow the lot, they will not plow Parkwood Hills yard, so kids will have to walk on sidewalk.  

Character Trait Assemblies: OCDSB has 10 themes.  Assemblies will happen monthly in the new year, with two happening before Christmas. Parents of kids receiving certificates will be invited.

 Report cards: coming home Nov 17 electronically. Those without tech can contact the office for a printed copy. Interviews Nov 24 (evening) and Nov 25 (PD Day)

Outdoor learning spaces: Work has begun to explore options.  Teachers really want this.  Working on an eight step plan (1 thing per year) to create kinder space.  Looking for grants and fundraising to help support this work.

Budget cleanup: Hanif found an account with $10000 in it.  Appears to have been funds transferred to the office by Council to purchase things, which never got spent.  About $5000 unaccounted for.  Plan to ask teachers if items are still of interest. If not, money will be returned.

RAZ Kids: License expiring soon. Cost is $1100+USD. Would Council be willing to cover this?

Remembrance Day Ceremonies:  10-11 am for Grades 2-6, 12:30-1 for Kinders and Grade 1.

VP Update: FUN PHOTOS!  

Scholastic Book Fair: December 1 and 2, most hours during the day, but some in the evening. Reach out to Hanif and Megan if you want to help.

Treasurer’s Report (Allison)

Income coming in from pizza days. Forecast of about $2000 from first term profit. Only other income is about $700 from meet the teacher. No spending so far. Balance is $6600 with final contributions from last year. We have committed $500 to mulch for spring, leaving about $6100 for the year.

Fundraising activities 2022/23 (Jay)

Pizza lunches (Karen): It has been a steep learning curve, especially with SCO. Shortages of pepperoni created extra challenges. Things are up and running, with most kinks worked out. A huge thank you to the great volunteers manning the tables on pizza days. January - hoping to have ability for parents to buy extra slices for children unable to afford them.  

Q: kids have been coming down with money to buy additional slices, is that something we have done in the past? Yes. Maybe consider for January.

Pumpkin walk (Amy): about 100 people attended. 

Movie night next Friday night: Lots of great ideas! Food, cotton candy, raffle. Still looking for raffle items. People interested in volunteering can contact Amy.  Doors open at 530, movie at 6 pm.  Capacity will likely be 200.  Eventbright tickets (no cost). Donations at door (suggested donation $5/family). Cash food at the event.  

ACTION: Danielle to put something on Facebook to see if there were donations for raffle.

Other ideas

Spring Fling/Dance

December Candy Cane to send to friends

Direct donations - will be live on SCO Friday

Flip Give - new one after holidays

Popcorn - flavoured popcorn for purchase, stay tuned

Q: Are we allowed to organize dances?  A (Hanif): Yes, but pre-planning is key to ensure everything goes smoothly, including music selection.  

Direct donations live on SCO!!

Motion to make Olga Blais a voting member. Seconded by Margaret.  PASSED.

Spending – deferred to next meeting:

  1. Review money already allocated for proposals, but unspent to date.  

  2. Review new spending proposals.

  3. One urgent request – $1100 USD for RAZ kids license for 5 primary class licenses. There are 9 primary classes at SWC who may theoretically use RAZ;  More info needed.  Will move to an electronic discussion. Voting members keep an eye out. 

Meeting Adjourned: 8:03 pm

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