February 9, 2023






                       FEBRUARY 09, 2023                           


Hanif Jamal




Present Online

Megan Skentelbery 


Present Online

Executive members:                       .   

Chair: Jayson Shurgold




Present Online

Vice-Chair: Karen Roberts




Present Online

Treasurer: Allison Peacocke 


Present Online

Secretary: André Lessard


Present Online

Fundraising: Amy Dijkema






Social media: Danielle Rodier

Present Online

Voting Members: 





Monika Petridis

Present Online

Margaret Sambol

Present Online

James Bent

Present Online

Olga Blais





Present Online

Jillian Ade





Present Online

Non-voting members :





Tracy Cole





Present Online

Jill MacDougall

Present Online

Amanda Lancaster




Present Online

Duygu Cetegen Morewood

Present Online

Hap Batth

Present Online

C Baas

Present Online

Dani Kealy

Present Online

Reference: Sir Winston Churchill Public School Council Constitution



Action by

I - 

Call to order   


The chair, Jayson, called the meeting to order at 1831 hrs.  


II- Quorum

Quorum was achieved with 10 executives and voting members present in person or online. 

III - Review of  




The previous minutes from January 2023 were reviewed. It was indicated that James Bent was in fact present online during the last meeting. Minutes amended accordingly. 


Motion to approve minutes from January 2023 meeting. Moved by Allison, seconded by Karen. PASSED

IV – Outstanding Items/Old Business

  1. School Clothing/Swag. Discussion occurred later in the meeting.

  2. Staff Request to Council. Discussion occurred later in the meeting 

V – Approval of Agenda

Amanda requested that a discussion on Multicultural night, to solidify a date, be added. 

Motion to accept agenda, with this added change. Moved by Allison, seconded by Karen. PASSED

VI - Standing  Items/Reports

  1. Report from the Chair.

  1. NIL



  1. Report from the Treasurer. We will raise Movie night earned $400. $1400 in donations have come in. We lowered the pizza cost in the second movie night. Spending is light. However, some amounts have been approved and need to come out of the account, including RAZ Kids and discretionary for administration office. Allison to link up with administration to settle the accounts. Approximately $8000 of cash is being returned and with the $2000 that was raised last year, council had approximately $10000 to spend. The funding raised this year will be reserved for next year. 

  1. Report on Fundraising.

    1. Pizza Lunches. This term is going well. Volunteers are really helping. There are 414 slices being distributed this term versus 332 last term. Only 8 slices were asked for at discounted or free. Lots of slices are going to the office for distribution. Extra slices have been used up sometimes.  

  1. Movie Night. Jayson gave an update on the last movie night. The set up was done deliberately and ensured the sound quality was better. Signage was improved to demonstrate gelatin free treats. Event ran very smoothly. Costs were really optimized. Unfortunately, the cotton candy machine was destroyed due to a mouse chewing on wires. 

  1. Setting up FlipGive Account. Allison indicated that $700 will be acquired from the last year FlipGive account. A new account has been set up and a new mention about it shall be sent on Facebook via Danielle.  

VII – New Projects

  1. Multicultural Night. Hanif indicated that the staff would support the 23 Feb as a date. Volunteers are required. Amanda requested number of chairs and tables that the school might have to be used for the multicultural night. Margaret stated that additional tables might have been borrowed from the board. Amanda remembered that some stuff needed to be ordered in. Hanif explained that it is doable to get material from the board, as long as a small delivery fee is paid. Karen discussed that the PRO grant this year is focused on multicultural promotions. Therefore, it could be applied to this event.

Motion to approve up to $500 Proposed by Margaret and seconded by Jayson. Motion Passed

  1. Popcorn. Jayson mentioned that we could do a school cash online to do the popcorn delivered to the most people as possible. We will follow the same rules as pizza. Hanif mentioned that March 22th to April 20th is RAMADAN and we should try to avoid that time. 

  1. School Clothing/Swag. Further discussion concerning school clothing occurred. Some council members expressed their view that they want a direct purchasing option that they would exercise. Jayson stated he saw hoodies as being cost neutral. Due to time and varying discussion, André recommended this conversation be taken up online, via email to the voting members.  (secretary note: these minutes to be updated with outcome of the online discussion when completed)

  1. Sourdough Bread Fundraiser. Some parents started making and selling bread. We can rent out a kitchen for professional. Bread becomes a problem if there is no professional kitchen. Preparing orders at home. Licenced to bake and sell in Ottawa. Do they have the ability to put signage on the products. Engagement was good, but this may be a difficult item to complete. 

  1. The PRO Grant. Deadline is Feb 20. Previously it used to be a committee of people that needed to fill out the form. Margaret stated the council previously used the grant to have speakers focus on the parents. There should be a google drive folder that has this past information. List of possibilities will be circulated. 

Amanda Lancaster

Karen (PRO Grant)



Item Oen

André Lessard

Item Closed

Item Open


VIII – Report from Principal, VP and Staff

See attached slide deck: 2023.02_Principal and VP report.pdf

  1. Staff Requests to Council. There are $5050 requests. Up to two buses for the cohorts for 4&5. Hanif stated that the school could cover some costs. ASD items are specific to them. For the School yard, a concerted fundraising effort should be undertaken for this specific goal. Autisim and BIP classes have special needs, and not all schools at the board have these special classes. There was a question as to if a portion of the fundraising funds of the school councils within the school board could be allocated to Autism and BIP classes. Even if it is 0.5% from each school council, it would add up. Margaret answered that this was unlikely, but we it could be asked. Other councils would have to agree. 

Motion to approve up to $8315 fund of spending for the list of items circulated to the school council for the 09 February 2023 meeting plus the cost of an extra bus and taxes. The spending would initially come from the funds previously earmarked for transfer back to school council. Motion moved by Margaret, seconded by Jayson. PASSED

  1. Lockdown Practice. Went very well, next one will be a surprise. 

  2. Kinder info Night. Occurred last week, 25 attendees which translates to 8 to 9 students. Hanif asked that anyone who knows parents of incoming kindergarten pass the word on to contact the school for information and registration. 

  3. SAT Committee update.  Recommendation that came out was a crosswalk on Meadowlands. Kids do not walk to traffic lights. No turn on Walgate in the morning and proposed sidewalks on Mulvaugh and Walgate. One school loading zone will also be removed, as well as trimming of a brush to help visibility. 

  4. Staffing. Mrs Lauren (2/3A) will be moving on. No replacements identified yet. Some initiatives and solutions are being worked on. As well, Ms Mandy (Spec Ed Rotary) who went on maternity leave is being worked on to be replaced. 

  5. Report cards. Available February 15th

  6. Parking Lot Parkwood Hills.  Administration has been told it will be plowed this year and next year. 

  7. Walk to school day. Stay tune for more information. 

Hanif Jamal

IX – Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 2002 hrs by Jayson.

Addendum – Summary of Planned activities

  1. Multicultural Night – February 23. 2023

  2. Council Meeting – April 13, 2023

  3. Movie Night #3 – April 21, 2023

  4. Mulch Spring Date – April 29, 2023

  5. Council Meeting – May 11, 2023

  6. End of Year Fun Night – June 1, 2023

  7. Council meeting – June 8, 2023

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